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Contoh Dialog Giving Suggestion (Memberi Saran) dan Giving Advice (Memberi Nasehat) Lengkap

Pembicaraan memberi anjuran atau giving suggestion dalam bhs inggris. Memberi anjuran dalam bhs inggris seringkali berlangsung dalam pembicaraan satu hari hari, tak ada bedanya dengan pembicaraan dalam bhs indonesia, tetapi didalam bhs inggris satu pembicaraan giving advice dalam bhs inggris ada ketentuan ketentuan yang perlu dibarengi. Pada saat ini kita juga akan mengulas mengenai dialog bhs inggris giving advice atau giving suggestion dalam bhs inggris.
Dalam pembicaraan memberi anjuran bhs inggris terdapat banyak kata yang bisa dipakai dalam dialog memberi anjuran itu. Kata kata itu salah satunya yaitu jadi di bawah ini : 
Percakapan Giving advice atau Giving suggestion
You had better
You had better Stay at home
Kamu lebih baik tinggal dirumah
You Should
You should leave her
Kamu harus meningkalkan dia
I advise you to
I advise you to Stay
Saya sarankan kamu untuk tinggal.
You should not
You should not leave her alone
Kamu tidak harus meninggalkan dia.
My advice is
My advice is, you go to your grandma’s home right now.
Saran saya adalah, kamu pergi kerumah nenek kamu sekarang juga
Ought to
You ought to stay here with me.
Kamu seharusnya tinggal dirumah bersama saya.
I’d suggest
I’d suggest you to leave now.
Saya sarankan kamu untuk pergi sekarang.
Bila kalian juga akan buat satu pembicaraan giving advice bhs inggris kalian dapat memakai satu diantara pilihan dari kata kata di atas. nah untuk lebih detilnya bagaimana caranya pemakaian dalam bhs inggris saya juga akan memberi sebagian contoh dialognya dalam bhs inggris. tersebut disini sebagian contoh pembicaraan giving advice dalam bhs inggris.

Giving Suggestion

Dialogue A
Lost Money
One Day Jesicca lost her money in her bag,she look so sad and Barbara come.
Barbara : Jessicaa why do you look so sad ?
Jesicca : I have some problems Barbara .
Barbara : What's Happened to you Jes ?
Jessica : I'm very confused ! Because my money was lost .
Barbara : What ? Are you serious ? And when ?
Jesicca : Yesterday .I'm afraid to talk to my mom about it.
Barbara : Jesicca , if you have some problem you should talk your family >
Jesicca : Yea, but with who ? My father not in my house.
Barbara : In my opinion you must talk to your mother, and you should talk all about your problem. Your mother will understand with you.
Jesicca : Do you think so ?
Barbara : Oh yea,dont be afraid Jesicca , All is well.
Jesicca : Hemzz ,, ok ,I will talk to my mom.Thanks for Your suggestion Barbara.
Barbara : You're welcome Jesicca dont sad again ok ,,

Dialogue B
in the morning, Arya want to buy a motor cycle. then arya approach pande to listen a suggestion from her
arya : Hai pande,
Pande : Hai Arya,
Arya : pande, i want to buy motorcycle tomorrow. Should i buy ninja motor or supra motor?
Pande : i think, you should buy a ninja motor.
Arya : Why is that?
Pande : Because i want to borrow it, he he ....
Arya : it's good idea, but my money not enough. Do you have any recommendation?
Pande : Why don't you buy a bicycle?
Arya : Wow, it's very good idea
Pande : Yeah,
Arya : Can you accompany me to buy it?
Pande : Yes i can, Lets go

Dialogue C
A: I think it’s time to take a rest at home after finishing our final exam.
B: I know what you mean, but doing nothing is really not cool. How do you feel about going somewhere beautiful to refresh our mind for a while?
A: yes, i think so. But, where we will go?
B: I think camping is an interesting way to get relaxed.
A: wow, it such a brilliant plan. Let’s prepare it tomorrow B.
B: Ok

Giving Advice

Dialogue A
Ana: what happened to you susan? You seem sad today.
Susan: I didn’t eat my breakfast this morning because of the rush. now my stomach feels sick.
Ana: You should go to clinic, let me help you.
Susan: Yes. Thank you for your help.

Dialogue B
Santi: good morning nina, what are you doing here?
Nina: good morning santi, I’m waiting for Rico, She promised to come here now, but he has not yet come, maybe he forgot.
Santi: Yes, maybe he forgot.
Nina: what should I do now?
Santi: you should remind him to come here today.
Nina: Yes you are right.

Dialogue C

Mom: Danu, what are you doing, you are going to be late!
Danu: I am not going to go to school mom.
Mom: What..? What did you say, what’s wrong with you? Are you sick?
Dana: Yes, my head aching, it’s bothering me!
Mom: Oh.. My poor boy, you should not go to school today.
Danu: yes mom.

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