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Contoh SOP Standart Operational procedure (S.O.P) Bahasa Inggris dan gambarnya Lengkap 1

How to Run Microsoft Word Program
Cara Menjalankan APlikasi Microsoft Word

1.    First, click icon ‘Start’ on the bottom left corner of the computer window.

2.    Second, when the menu appears, choose ‘Program’, and then click Microsoft Office.

3.    Third, select Microsoft Office Word.

4.    Fourth, you can directly operate the Microsoft word program, type or do something you want with your document.

5.    If you have finished your work or document, and then you want to save your it, you can click save button on toolbar (the icon looks like a disk), or you can use the short way by pressing CTRL button and letter ‘S’ at once on your keyboard. Choose the directory where you want to save your data, name your document and click ‘save’.

6.    Fifth, if you want to close the document, you can click the ‘x’ icon on the top right corner of the Microsoft word display. But don’t forget to save the progress of your work first. If you haven’t saved it, a dialogue box will appear and ask whether you want to save the progress or not.

7.    The last, if you want to open the document again, you can go to the directory of folders where you save it or you can open the Microsoft office program, and then click ‘open’ button on the toolbar.

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